Meet Amelia

Amelia is designed for tracking fundraising opportunities, mastering tasks and connecting with donors. Equipped with machine learning technology, Amelia understands and analyzes your workflow to help you make better decisions.

Connect with your donors anytime, anywhere. The sharpest fundraising tools at your fingertips.

The Amelia Assistant

Amelia is the leading on-the-go mobile platform for nonprofit organizations. Amelia simplifies workflow for fundraisers and volunteers and empowers teams to:

  • View the latest fundraising data
  • Set and update revenue goals
  • Monitor campaign progress
  • View nearby supporters
  • Add donors and new partners while on-the-go
  • Customize call lists for volunteers
  • Write notes and take photos
  • Create action items and assign teammates


Amelia is CRM agnostic. We integrate with all CRMs so reviewing your data is easier than ever.

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